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Starling Softwares is a fast growing IT service provider and technology center in Gurgaon (Haryana). The technology centers are well integrated through communication and knowledge-sharing network, to ensure that experience gained by the entire organization is optimized. We are specialized in catering major businesses in a cost-effective manner. We serve our clients with excellent quality of custom solutions since started and strive to attain upmost customer satisfaction.

Software Solutions

Our Software Development Expertise are on Front End languages as Java,Node JS,JASON,Scripting language, C#,PHP , for Database Architecture in the backend We Use SQL Server and Operating System as Windows ,Linux .

  • Starling Sales Management System (SSMS)
  • Starling HR Management System (SHRMS)
  • Starling Lead Management System (SLMS)
  • Starling School Management System (SSMS)
  • Starling Hospital Management System (SHMS)
  • Starling Hotel Management System (SHMS)
  • Starling Asset Management System (SAMS)
  • Starling Logistics Management System (SLMS)
  • Starling courier Management System (SCMS)
  • Starling Transport Management System (STMS)

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Customized Software Solution

We cater to all of your software needs. We offer you our custom-made software solution to meet your business requirements and to help your business. The mission of Starling Software Solutions is to enhance the output, performance, and the worth of your software. This will help you manage your business efficiently and provide excellent service to your customers.

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  • Software Solutions
  • Customized Software solutions

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